Spring is in the air!

The scenario discussed in the two previous post is playing out as expected. By now the DAX index has reached the horizontal support zone:

DAX monthly

The monthly wave count is still incomplete, so there has to follow a wave up to a new all time high before a larger correction takes place (and even that may not be the most devastating one, but that case is less convincing, so I leave that discussion for the end of the expected fifth wave). Or, of course, the wave count may be false.

A few weeks ago I updated the previous post with this 180 min cycle chart of the DAX index:

DAX spot 180 min

I wrote that a break of the bearish flag to the upside would be a very bullish signal, but that break never actually happened, though the bulls really did their best. A look at the Elliott Wave count clearly shows why: a fifth wave down was missing.

DAX 180 min spot

It is hard to say whether the fifth wave is complete now, I think not, but if this wave count is correct there will be a bottom soon, after which either a rally to a new all time high will start, or we have to endure another couple of legs of this corrective wave.

So March 2018 started bearish, but chances are it ends very bullish.

Trade safe, greetings from Ottawa where spring is in the air!






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My name is Marco Zuilhof. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a self educated trader, trading my own money. I count Elliott Waves and Bressert cycles in real time, this is hard to do, and error prone. So everything I write is only an educated guess, not an advice to buy or sell certain stocks, or to take a position in the market. Every month I intend to write something sensible about the DAX index, guessing what the future might be, and I make a daily morning call on the DAX, mainly to prepare myself for the day, however that I do not share for free, but for €1 you can read the actual one.
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