Again: the trend is intact

The trend is solid, and I do not expect it to change soon. Maybe wave (3) red of [5] is complete, so some short term volatility can be expected.

DAX Monthly

The weekly chart suggests to expect more downside into the support area around 12000.

DAX Weekly

The weekly cycle has 13 bars, the structure looks like a-b down from the top, or 1-2, that remains to be decided later. The daily chart looks like a triangle, so then it has to be a-b, but that picture can change in a day.

So, take care, and trade safe.

Greetings from Ottawa, ON, Canada.

About Marco Zuilhof

My name is Marco Zuilhof. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a self educated trader, trading my own money. I count Elliott Waves and Bressert cycles in real time, this is hard to do, and error prone. So everything I write is only an educated guess, not an advice to buy or sell certain stocks, or to take a position in the market. Every month I intend to write something sensible about the DAX index, guessing what the future might be, and I make a daily morning call on the DAX, mainly to prepare myself for the day, however that I do not share for free, but for €1 you can read the actual one.
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