My name is Marco Zuilhof. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a self educated trader, trading my own money. I count Elliott Waves and Bressert cycles in real time, this is hard to do, and error prone. So everything I write is only for educative purposes, not an advice to buy or sell certain stocks, or to take a position in the market.

Every month I intend to write something sensible about the DAX index, guessing what the future might hold.

On this page you will find my interpretation of the weekly DAX chart. This is an educated guess based on historical evidence, it is not what will happen with certainty, but what has a high historical probability to happen, even though every time is different. I intend to update this chart regularly.

DAX weekly, updated 10-29-2017


One more thing: I do not like people trying to compromise my website, like the ones who’s IP addresses are listed below:

So please, leave my humble site alone! TX